4 Colour Process Labels

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4 Colour Process Labels

  • Digital Printing for Short Runs
  • Flexographic Printing for Longer Runs


4 Colour Process Printed Labels

4 Colour Process Printed Labels

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    • NO DIES

Short Run Printing of 4 colour process labels (CMYK) is now an affordable option due to new technology that does not require printing plates or dies for custom shapes.

The past several years have seen many different digital presses produced to capture this new and exciting technology. This has provided an opportunity for smaller companies to afford 4 colour process labels (full colour) at very good prices.

At Ontario Labels we are on top of this technology and know the capabilities of the different label presses. This allows us to choose which process is best for you our customer.

Being able to produce labels in any size or shape without the high cost of dies is a real benefit to the label industry as companies take advantage of this option to create a label that stands out with a unique shape.

Put your imagination to work or ask for our Graphic Designer  to help you create a label that will be unique to your product.

For longer runs, Flexographic printing is still the best option. Labels can be produced in any shape on a large selection of materials.

Flexographic presses are the work horse of the industry and allow for an endless range of options. From one colour to 4 colour process, PMS inks, varnishes, lamination and other options.

This process is very reliable and produces the majority of the labels that are produced.

Die Cut or Roll labels are available in a large assortment of standard sizes and shapes. We can source from thousands of different standard dies to produce your labels. Just tell us what size label you are looking for.

Let us know what you need and we will be happy to provide you with pricing and we can even send out samples for testing if needed.

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Four Colour Process Labels

Four Colour Process Labels
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