Custom Labels

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Custom Product Label / Stickers

The majority of custom labels produced fall under this catagory and are often referred to as Die Cut Labels (labels with rounded corners). These labels are produced on rolls therefore referred to as roll labels.

Stocks and Inks for Interior Use

The following 2 charts are designed to give you a start in choosing materials and inks for labels that will be used indoors. For labels to be used outdoors take a look at our weatherproof labels and decals.


Standard Label Materials for Roll Labels

For an explanation of materials you can refer to our page on label materials.

Picture of standard label materials

Standard Label Materials


Standard Ink Colours for Roll Labels

Standard Label Ink Colours

Standard Label Ink Colours


Typical Uses for Custom ROLL Labels

  • Information Labels
  • Packaging Labels
  • Barcode Labels
  • Shipping Labels
  • Warning Labels
  • Product Labels
  • Manufacturing Labels

Method used for Die Cut Labels

Flexographic printing is the most common method used to produce roll labels. This process utilizes a roll to roll process, which means the label material is on a roll and fed through the printing press and comes out on a roll.

This process allows for very fast printing with a very high level of quality.

These presses can print from one colour to eight colours or more. They can also add special effects, varnishes and lamination.

After printing the labels are fed through a machine which will die cut the label. The most common being a rectangular shape with rounded corners. This machine uses a die to cut the shape of the label but does not cut the liner therefore leaving the label on the roll. This machine also removes the excess material from the backing leaving just the printed label.

We deal with several very large manufacturers that are capable of producing short runs at a very affordable price as they have a large assortment of standard dies and specialize in this type of work. Other manufacturers are more geared to longer runs which is why we are able to provide excellent pricing no matter what the quantity of labels that you require.

Today labels are also produced using Digital Printing. See our page on 4 colour process labels for more information on this technology.



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Custom Labels

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